Meet Dan



I grew up in Dearborn Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Finance and minor in Wealth Management.

As a Financial Planning Administrative Assistant, Dan helps the financial planners by preparing for and participating in client meetings and communicating with clients. Helping in these areas allows the financial planners more time to spend focusing on clients and their needs. Dan still lives in Dearborn with his German Shorthair, Gordie, and Pitbull, Cinnamon. Dan loves to play both hockey and golf and likes to spend as much time as possible up north.


  • Favorite Food: Pulled pork with mac n cheese
  • Favorite Holiday: 4th of July
  • Pets: 2 dogs named Gordie and Cinnamon
  • Favorite Color: Carolina Blue
  • Favorite Album: Enema of the State
  • Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Game of Thrones
  • Hobbies: Golfing, Skiing, watching football (American and European) 
  • Place I’d like to visit: Barcelona, Spain 

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