Meet Laura


As a Client Operations Associate, Laura provides friendly, professional client support and facilitates paperwork processing and account-related requests. She provides a stable foundation of seamless operational execution for our clients so that the planners can focus on building relationships through financial planning and investment management.

Laura grew up in Maryland and studied Photography and Digital Imagery at Shepherd University. She has over twenty years of broad experience in client service and project support. She began her career in product sales before contracting to large construction engineering infrastructure projects where she supported government agencies, DC Metro Area local and municipal stakeholders, and various Departments of Transportation. Her main areas of interest are providing multi-level team coordination, delivering high-level creative solutions, and increasing efficiency through detailed observation and analysis. Laura is excited to bring her skills to RFC.

She lives in Ann Arbor with her wonderful daughter Siena and two cats Jessica and Piper. Outside of work, Laura can be found supporting her daughter’s many interests like rowing and robotics, enjoying camping and hiking, cooking, and creating drawings and analog collages.


Favorite food:

Seafood, BBQ

Favorite holiday:


Favorite movie:


Do you have any pets:

Cats Piper and Jessica

Places I’d like to visit:

Yellowstone, Costa Rica, and Croatia

Something Laura is proud of:

Raising a happy, healthy, and confident daughter

Best piece of advice received:

“Observe and analyze patterns in all things.”

Something you might not know about Laura:

She was an avid caver (spelunker) and still enjoys exploring underground spaces.

Favorite interests and activities:

Adventures with her daughter, analog collage, pen and ink, camping, hiking, and cooking

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