Story: A couple is concerned about their investment’s financial return, and about making a positive impact on society through their investment dollars. The couple is very intent on making their money not only work for them, but work for social betterment.

Problem: The client isn’t sure how to know if their investments are simultaneously meeting their financial return, and social impact goals.

Solution: We can use our screening tools to eliminate companies that are not in-line with their values, the couple will be given conclusive guidance for how to allocate their investment.

Categories that the couple want to include are big promoters of environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights, and diversity. Conversely, company categories they want to avoid are: fossil fuel production, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, contraception, abortion, pornography and weapons.

Result: We can implement and monitor their ideal investment portfolio. It is comprised of investments that support their values, desire to better the world, and at the same time helps them stay the course for their retirement planning.