Value Based Investing

Morally Responsible Investing

MRI focuses your investments on companies doing business in a way that emphasizes high moral character. MRI screens eliminate investment in firms that profit from or support abortion, pornography, alcohol, firearms or weapons of war, tobacco, entertainment, rights, or lifestyle. The screening is flexible, so we can be selective on companies or funds to avoid. We then look for suitable replacement companies by conducting research on the practices, history, and affiliations of potential portfolio companies or funds to ensure they reflect your values and priorities.


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Socially Responsible Investing

SRI integrates your personal values and societal concerns with your investment decisions. SRI focuses on your financial needs and goals while also carefully considering the impact of your investments on society. Practically speaking, we build a portfolio for you and then screen components of the portfolio to eliminate certain companies or funds based on your values and concerns. After that, we seek replacements looking for companies that embrace sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, racial and gender equity, fair labor practices, human rights, consumer and employee protection, and other factors you would like included.


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