Morally Responsible Investing (MRI)

What is Morally Responsible Investing (MRI)?

MRI focuses your investments on companies doing business in a way that emphasizes high moral character. MRI screens eliminate investment in firms that profit from or support abortion, pornography, alcohol, firearms or weapons of war, tobacco, entertainment, rights, or lifestyle. The screening is flexible, so we can be selective on companies or funds to avoid. We then look for suitable replacement companies by conducting research on the practices, history, and affiliations of potential portfolio companies or funds to ensure they reflect your values and priorities.

MRI (Morally Responsible Investing) is different than SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) by aiming to identify and eliminate companies engaged in activities that are not pro-life or pro-family. Furthermore, MRI screens can be applied to a variety of different values and beliefs whether simply isolating general categories or embracing broad religious categories, such as “Christian,” “Faith Based,” or specific to a denomination, such as “Catholic Values.”  RFC screens to select investments that best align with your faith, beliefs, and practices and avoid those that do not.

How does MRI work with Traditional Investing?

MRI involves a balanced integration of aligning your investments with your faith-based values and societal concerns while focusing on your unique financial goals. We work to pursue investment opportunities that reflect your deep-seated values regarding the fundamental issues we face as a society. We will work hard to reflect your beliefs while aiming to provide competitive returns.

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