Estate Planning Case Study

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Story: The phrase “estate and legacy planning” often triggers images of the richest in the world passing their wealth while incurring the least amount of taxes possible. That is the picture many people have in mind when they asked us about estate and legacy planning.

They wonder if estate and legacy planning is not for them because they don’t have millions of dollars. We can show them why this is a common misconception, and that estate planning is a much needed process for anyone.

Solution: We explored estate planning that could save their loved ones’ time, money and hassle in the future. We discussed having a will, power of attorney and a type of trust if needed.

Result: We can set up legacy documents for them. This will protect them and their loved ones from unnecessary and unintended consequences when the client is no longer present. They can leave knowing that estate and legacy planning is much more than passing on wealth and saving taxes. It is how you pass on your legacy to the ones you love while possibly saving in taxes and administration costs.

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